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Ubergizmo Google Maps Now Offer Business View

business viewWhen it comes to Christmas shopping, there are people who love to get things done a whole lot earlier than before, while others do not mind holding it out to the last minute – and at the same time, jostle with one another to get that gift. It seems that Google has something that will keep those last minute shoppers happy by introducing a brand new Google Maps feature, which is known as Business View.

The Business View feature was introduced quietly without any kind of fanfare or major announcement, where it will allow regular couch potatoes to actually check out select businesses and buildings with the help of Street View extensions, not to mention having the most recent store windows shown off – and since ‘tis the Christmas season, you can be sure that you will be greeted by decorations that are in line with the festivities.

Google mentioned, “So much of the fun of holiday shopping is seeing the lavish, seasonal displays in the windows of shops and department stores as you pass by. “Starting today, with Google Maps Business View, you can see decked out displays in New York and London—without braving the cold weather, lugging bags around or fighting for sidewalk space with fellow shoppers. Now grab your virtual reindeer because we’re off to our holiday window tour!”

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